Quality speaks on your behalf

  • AMNorman is located in the Ghent region. The organisation has been founded in 2001, has a staff of 25 and assists SMEs and the self-employed with their quality management and certification processes.
  • AMNorman believes in the philosophy that certification can only add value if the requirements are applied simply and with common-sense vision.
  • AMNorman can assist you in all aspects of your quality policy and certification. This assistance can take a variety of forms: advice, training, providing templates or software, implementation or insourcing of employees.
  • Collaboration can be project-based or cooperative and can include a complete certification process or just be limited to specific elements.
  • AMNorman is Qfor certified and a recognized training provider and advisor by Alimento.
  • AMNorman offers 4 referenced FCA consultants. FCA is the Belgian Feed Chain Alliance an engagement by Ovocom.