smart quality improvements

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smart quality improvements
Quality speaks Quality speaks

We love straight communication. Especially when it comes to complex regulations and legislation. As an independent competence, advice and educational partner for
companies in the nutrition and animal feed industry we want to create clarity and turn words into deeds.

Our Normanists love assisting you. With their ample experience in the nutrition and animal feed industry, product development and quality management they are the perfect partner in advising, supporting and educating.

The final goal: providing companies with the necessary knowledge, expertise, optimization and implementation tools so that they can operate independently. As soon as a Normanist is no longer needed, he did a great job.


Our approach

what we do

The information flow on regulations and legislation in the nutrition and animal feed industry is huge and complex. We use our expertise to make everything more clear
and applicable. Based on your company or specific need we look for the right support. Bring it on!

Need support? Let’s meet!

Need support? Let’s meet!