The ‘only safe food here’ label is a label for B2C businesses such as the catering
industry, bakeries, butcheries, on-farm sellers and retailers. The label is granted after
conducting an inspection of food safety and if a minimum score of 80% is obtained.

We guide your business in order to apply the self-control rules correctly.

‘only safe food here’ label

Nothing more important than food safety. The amount of administration and ever
changing legislation unfortunately make it a complex matter. So training and
guidance are vital.

Even more so given that the results of an inspection are decisive
to your company.

  • The FAVV takes action in case of unfavorable inspections. From a warning upto even a temporary shutdown.
  • Besides this all results are available online to customers. So (potential) customers can easily track your company’s score.


Only safe food here

what we do

  • Offering practical and qualitative training.
  • Granting a quality label to entrepreneurs making efforts.
  • Informing, among other reasons, due to the ever changing legislation.
  • Guiding towards validation or certification.
  • Establishing an allergen management system.
  • Providing convenient tools to simplify an existing self-control system.


this is our way of working

The ‘only safe food here’ experts assign a label according to the ‘only safe food here’
checklist. Specifically the company must score 80% or higher on the checklist,
conform to the control points of the FAVV. This label is valid over the course of one
year starting from the date of audit.

Wondering who obtained a certificate in 2021?
Here you will find an outline.

Contact our ‘only safe food here’ responsible person Natasja De Troch

Contact our ‘only safe food here’ responsible person Natasja De Troch