Labeling and specification management of products is subject to a lot of strict rules.
Our Normanists make sure this important, difficult and time-consuming obligation is
handled correctly.

together on track for correct labelling

AMNorman gives support in all aspects of labeling and specification management.
They do this in various ways:

  • Advice
  • Coaching
  • Creation of label information and specification
  • Calculation of nutritional value
  • Label control
  • Specification management
  • Creation of notification dossiers
  • Marketability reports
  • Translation of label information
  • Supportive software - Q-It

Our Normanists are specialized in the labeling of foods, food supplements and
enriched food, animal feed, pet food, cosmetics, domestic products, dangerous
products, fertilizers and textile.

They will support you by giving practical tips and
advice so that your products will have the correct information conforming to all
relevant national or international labeling regulations. This can lead to savings in
printing costs and prevent recalls or import refusals.


When exporting products there is a lot to take into consideration. Export documents,
additional quality requirements, different labeling regulations in your country of
export, different allowed or forbidden resources…

You also need to check whether
the products you wish to import comply with European legislation. Our labeling
experts verify the composition of the product against the European standards and
create a label design for the target market.

For your optimal support the Normanists
rely on their international network of experts.



For translations of product information our experts do again rely on their international
network. They are native speakers who are familiar with applying labeling regulations
in their country. They will apply the correct terminology from their home country’s


the creation of notification dossiers

In order to notify your product we compose a dossier and submit it to the authorities.


marketability report

When a product is launched on the market, a retailer can ask for a marketability

This comprises:

  • Analyses conducted at an ISO 17025 recognized lab.
  • Label conducted by AMNorman’s label experts.

Analysis results and label check are provided to you in one report together with
additional suggestions and remarks. The reporting can also be done in German or



contact our specialist Elke Debou


contact our specialist Elke Debou