AMNorman is a leading independent competence, advice and training partner.


As an independent Flemish competence, advice and training partner for companies
in the food and animal feed sector we want to create clarity with a hands-on
approach. In other words, we convert complex regulations and legislation into
user-friendly practices that work for your company.

Our final goal: to provide
companies with sufficient knowledge, expertise, optimization and implementation so
they are able to operate independently and with enough knowledge for the long term.

AMNorman - Missie


  • We deliver tailor-made solutions respecting your company’s DNA, culture and way of working.
  • Efficiency is the guiding principle throughout all our services.
  • A next step - if this is your preference - is making sure you can use the system independently in the long run.
  • We focus on training the involved employees. Besides this we deliver all documents we developed in editable formats.
  • People are at the focus and are the most important factor in implementing result-driven quality systems. Coaching, training and communication are crucial.
  • By integrating quality management in all processes we guarantee better commercial results.
  • Simplicity and transparency are at the basis of a smooth integration.
  • Our Normanisten are worth their weight in gold. That is why we choose for long-lasting collaborations and investments in coaching. This way we create polyvalent consultants with specific expertise.
  • Continuity, versatility and competence are distinguishing factors of our qualitative service.
  • Involvement of employees is very important. Designing together the future of our company, that is what we are going for.
  • We believe in entrepreneurs. Young companies and start-ups will have all of our support.
  • Quality speaks for itself. In all we do, quality is crucial. Our Normanisten know what
    they are doing and leave nothing to chance. Their expertise guarantees quality from
    advice to execution.



passion and drive

The heart stands for passion and symbolizes the tenacity and love for the work.

respect, mutual confidence and integrity

The hexagon symbolizes honesty, truth, connection and reliability, all the strengths of

sense of responsibility

The gear defines the sense of responsibility everyone at AMNorman feels in order to
get the ‘machine’ turning, making sure every customer experiences quality and
professional service.


AMNorman is Qfor-certified.

This is a standard for quality of coaching and advisory
institutions. The Qfor quality certificate is given to those who comply with strict
quality norms and is based on a satisfaction survey among our customers, carried
out independently by third parties.

Qfor certification is also a requirement to provide
training and advice as an Alimento recognized company. This way companies from
the Joint Committee 118 (workers from the food industry) and 220 (employees from
the food industry) can get subsidies for coaching and advice given by AMNorman.


Download the certificate.


AMMNorman is ISO 9001 certified.


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member of

Flanders Food       Voka oostvlaanderen


together with Quality Coaching

In order to optimize our service we decided to collaborate with Quality Coaching.
This means more expertise, a wider service range and an even better guidance. For
all quality and food safety issues you can rely on us. Win-win!

The choice for Quality. Coaching was no coincidence. Both companies have profound complementary
specialisms and on top of that believe in the same approach: offering excellent
quality and a way of working focused on people, not systems. We also prefer local
anchoring to an international collaboration.

So AMNorman and Quality Coaching join forces. We keep on functioning as separate organizations retaining our own identity
and approach but we will make each other stronger. In short, 1+1=3.

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