Normanists are trained to test legislative and normative requirements against reality.
They check whether functioning is in accordance with food safety culture and the
applying standards, legislation and regulations.

AMNorman your partner for audits and inspections and guidance of certification

Normanists can be brought in to check applicable, legal and normative requirements
against reality. They are trained as internal or lead auditor and receive continuous
training in the most recent legislation and norms.


internal audits

Depending upon the situation a Normanist with a lead auditor training is brought in
so a profound audit plan can be realized. This happens based on elaborated
templates in combination with a follow-up of measures.

FCA internal audits

A requirement for FCA certification is the execution of an internal audit minimally
once a year. The internal auditor has to check whether the internal systems and/or
procedures are enough to produce, trade, transport and stock animal feed safely.
The person carrying out the internal audit must be independent of the colleague
responsible for the controlled activity. AMNorman can do this internal audit for you.
We have a team of specialized Normanists in animal feed who are also
Ovocom-federated consultants.

supplier audits

The right selection and evaluation of suppliers is important. That is why we carry out
supplier audits. Our Normanists visit suppliers to evaluate their conformity level
regarding quality and food safety management. This visit can be done in your
presence and always happens after prior consultation with the specific supplier.

The evaluation criteria are determined according to your specific expectations. Some
examples: the evaluation of the conformity of the installations, respect for good
practices regarding hygiene and fabrication, the management of processes,
complaints from customers or traceability. All of this in the light of a specific standard.


guidance on certification audits and inspections

Our Normanists are familiar with the standard requirements and legislation. This
makes them the perfect match to guide you through your certification audit. They
support you during the audit and help to convince the auditor or inspection service of
the conformity of your organization and processes.


hygiene inspections

Hygiene inspection is crucial. Uniformity, gain of time, handling of deviations and
training of the internal people are very important.

AMNorman has auditors with appropriate competences. The hygiene inspection and reporting happen through an
online tool focusing entirely on the processes within the company.

The eight advantages of hygiene audits with the e-tool and auditors of AMNorman:

  • Auditors are independent and so always keep an objective overview.
  • The audit checklist is specifically tailored to suit your company.
  • Audits are uniform.
  • The audits and reporting happen digitally through our e-tool so that the results are immediately available.
  • Results among different branches are easy to compare and trends immediately visible.
  • Direct actions, linked to the determined deviation, are possible.
  • The coaching of the employees can be optimized through linked online trainings.
  • There are no license costs.


process audits

During process audits the focus is on company processes. The auditor is present in
the workplace and keeps a close eye to the processes. During these audits the
following is monitored:

  • Are the internal procedures applied?
  • Is a simplification of processes possible?
  • Is the infrastructure suitable?
  • Are the registrations and CCPs correctly applied?

The employees are closely involved. This way the food safety culture can be
checked against reality.

load inspections

It is possible for us to inspect cargo on your behalf prior to loading or dispatch. We
look at the state of the goods for dispatch, check damage done to packaging, inspect
label information and accompanying consignment notes and we verify possible
temperature settings. This way you can be sure that the goods leave in good shape
and that the products will not be refused upon arrival. Load inspections are always
accompanied by a detailed report and photographic material.

intrusion tests

In connection to this a Normanist tries to penetrate your company. In doing so we
measure your employees’ alertness and assertiveness. The specific scenario for this
test is determined in advance and in consultation with you. Another option is to
combine this with a process audit or internal audit.

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