Starters are creative daredevils who shape the future. They have all our support!
Originally AMNorman was a start-up itself. That is why we know better than anyone
which support could be necessary. Each year we invest in projects or organizations
from our field who share the same values and need a little push. We provide
specialized advice, coaching and training and we help guide them through the
administrative labyrinth (recognition, registration, notification, tracing and selfcontrol).
All of this at a very favorable tariff.

Some examples of projects:

  • The education and coaching of kids is crucial. That is why organizations taking care
    of those kids’ coaching, training and shelter earn all our respect. This is even more
    the case when it comes to vulnerable groups. AMNorman likes supporting them by
    creating a self-control system or by coaching the employees in fields like food safety
    and self-control.
  • Together with many others we are concerned about the
    environmental impact of our mobility and support initiatives which reduce this impact.
    We support them by sharing our experience in legal aspects and by monitoring
  • We are convinced that local processing and distribution of foods has a
    tremendous surplus. Not only for the farmer or local livestock sector but also for
    wider society.


Local, small-scale and short chains are the future. We love to assist with the selfcontrol,
traceability and notification obligation.



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