We share our knowledge of both product development and research & development
processes. This can be done with advice, coaching, execution, implementation and
upscaling. Insourcing and the coaching of internal employees is also part of this.

complete execution of product development

From creative ideas to saleable products. Support with the switch from small-scale to
industrial production. Nothing is impossible.

AMNorman backs your traject from A to Z.

Nothing but advantages:

  • Faster go-to-market.
  • Complete transparency through consulting the internal responsible persons.
  • Presence of a senior expert for a specific duration ensuring structure in the process.
  • Commitment of external people to test and refine the idea, this way increasing chances for success.
  • Availability of a broad supplier network for making optimal and cost efficient choices.



Are your recipes still in line with the current trends and most recent developments?
Are there possibly cheaper alternatives? We will figure it out for you!

Our Normanists are ready:

  • For a full screening of your recipes. They look for possible alternatives (better price,
    clean label and/or nutritional improvements).
  • To give independent advice regarding
    the choice of ingredients and recipes.

Do you have a product that could be an ingredient for other products and are you
looking for a concept to bring in new customers?

Our Normanists will think along with you and search for opportunities to attract potential customers. They will take care of
the prototyping and rely on their wide network in the food industry to roll out your concept.


upscaling of processes

We know everything about expanding production of delicious test kitchen products to
industrial scale.

  • Our Normanists are specialists in the food industry production processes, helping
    them make a correct assessment of the upscaling impact on your product. This
    makes it easier to make the right choices regarding equipment and installations.
  • Besides this they make use of their functional and technical ingredient knowledge in
    order to guarantee a stable and safe product. The food safety, stability and
    proportions on a small scale are not at all comparable to those on industrial level.


insourcing of employees

A temporary absence of your product developer or R&D manager does not need to
mean an interruption in product development. You can guarantee continuity by
insourcing a Normanist.

Nothing but advantages:

  • Normanists are flexible and adapt quickly.
  • They have a wide experience and can be brought in smoothly in every business environment.
  • Besides this they are always up to date on all the newest trends and developments regarding the food industry.
  • They also work very project-based. This can be inspirational for your internal employees,
    helping boost efficiency and productivity.




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contact our specialist Sigrid Severijns

contact our specialist Sigrid Severijns