challenges in the packaging world

Food companies and producers are facing a lot of challenges in connection to the
packaging material. This leads to some questions and unclarities. Certification,
follow-up of changes in legislation, tackling emerging dangers and ethical issues
about sustainability. Our Normanists are the perfect allies to help tackle this.


Declaration of Compliance (DoC) - Verklaring Van Overeenstemming (VVO)

Food companies can rely on us for everything about the DoC/VVO: the correct
evaluation, the information it should minimally contain and what foods and
applications the packaging material is suited for.

We support packaging companies in correctly creating and completely substantiating the DoC/VVO by collecting the
right product information. We build on scientific information, choose the right
parameters for the execution of migration tests and/or make use of calculation


risk analysis - HACCP

AMNorman supports the creation or the revision of your HACCP-plan. We map all
dangers related to packaging materials and look at the impact and/or risk to your end

We plan regular updates by following up new and emerging dangers
through the execution of RASFF-analyses.


bio plastics versus conventional packaging

Do you want to completely switch from conventional packaging to biodegradable,
compostable and/or bio-based packaging materials? You can count on us. We give
the necessary advice and map all important and relevant factors.

Just think about
this: the processability on the machines (flowpack sealability, thermoforming
devices,...), the intended barrier properties (OTR/WTR), the impact on the final shelf
life, the suitability for certain foods and the application field (temperature profile).

For packaging producers we especially think in terms of procedures and focus on the
possible final applications. Besides this we evaluate the Food Safety Aspect by
zooming in on the composition of the material and the determination of the required
migration tests.


support for certification

Packaging companies are getting more and more questions from their customers
looking to obtain a quality certificate. An upgrade is often necessary as an ISO
9001-certificate is no longer enough.

AMNorman supports you in obtaining the
following: BRCGS Packaging Materials, FSSC 22000 Packaging or IFS PACsecure.

This can be done by a complete outsourcing to AMNorman or by tackling this as a
joint project in which we create a clear and targeted step-by-step plan. In doing so
we completely focus on your company’s needs with simplicity and efficiency.



Quality systems or manuals are often outdated, complex and bulky. This makes
them hard to use in practice and an administrative dead weight.

Our Normanists focus on simplification which makes managing quality workable now and in the
future. Of course their revision is in compliance with all legal and normative


internal audits

Internal audits are a powerful tool to guarantee continuous improvement. For this
you need audit skills and you have to know the norm. Experience in the sector is a
major advantage. Our Normanists are the perfect partners to provide objective
analysis with the required expertise. They offer suggestions to solve problems
without damaging confidentiality.

Another possibility is choosing an in-house training
in which a newly created company team is trained in executing internal audits so that
later on they can do this independently.

customers testify

Want more information? Specialist Joyce Buysse is on her way.

Want more information? Specialist Joyce Buysse is on her way.