what is a self-control guide?

The guide specifies how you can comply with the legally imposed requirements for
hygiene, traceability and self-control. Before the self-control guides get published,
they must be approved by the FAVV. Here you will find an overview of the approved
guides. Every operator in the food chain is legally obliged to create a self-control
system in his company (art. 3 of the KB of November 14 2003).


what is self-control?

Self-control is a cluster of measures aimed at guaranteeing the food safety of the
products offered by your company to the consumer.


advantages of a certified self-control system

It is possible to have your self-control system validated by an external certification
body. It is not legally binding but it gives you a lot of advantages:



With a validated self-control system you get a 50% discount on the yearly tax you
are paying to the FAVV.

Companies without a validated self-control system pay a
malus on the yearly tax. We check for you whether the bonus will make the
certification costs worthwhile.


FAVV inspection frequency

Companies with a self-control system have less frequent (paid) inspections by the


combination with other audits

It is possible to combine the validation of a self-control guide with other certification
audits. Most certification bodies take this into account when determining the audit
duration, saving you extra audit costs.

customers testify

choose for a self-control system

choose for a self-control system