Sustainable consumption is still on the rise. In the ‘Monitor duurzame voedselkeuzes’
Flemings indicate they need correct, clear and simple information.

Focusing on sustainability labels can add value to your company.

Below you will find an outline of the six most important sustainability labels in the
food industry for which you can rely on us.


BIO certification

BIO Label

Do you want to produce or sell organic products? If so, you need a BIO certificate. A
BIO certificate guarantees you comply with all BIO regulations and legislation.
A list of the most important things in connection to a BIO certification:
separation in time and/or space of organic and conventional products
tracing and mass balance ingredients produced by organic agriculture
specific BIO labeling regulations genetically modified organisms and treatment with
ionizing radiation are prohibited
AMNorman’s consultants advise you when applying the BIO legislation (decree
2018/848) and support you during the certification audit.


sustainability quality marks



Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) is an international label for
sustainable fish. The label guarantees that the wild fish have been caught with
respect for the environment and animal. This means that every fish with a MSC label
was caught 100% sustainably without harming the ecosystem. Besides this we also
have the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) label for sustainably farmed fish
such as salmon, tilapia, trout, pangasius, shrimps and seaweed. Fish products with
this label have been produced in good labor conditions respecting the environment.
What is more, the ASC label also takes into account animal wellbeing. This means
that for the farmed fish a health plan is made every time and that antibiotics and
other medicine are not administered.



Fairtrade is an international label for fair trade with the global South. You can find it,
among others, on food products, textile and cosmetics. The label guarantees respect
for both the environment and labor conditions. Specifically it provides (financial)
support to the local farmer and his community through a minimum price and a bonus.
The producer every time receives an honest price in accordance with the real
production cost.



RSPO or Roundtable On Sustainable Palm Oil is an international label for palm oil.
Products with a RSPO label such as cosmetics and food, have always been
produced based on 6 principles:

  • transparency
  • respect for the local legislation
  • integrated cultivation
  • care for the environment
  • good labor conditions
  • continuous improvement

Within the sustainability debate buyers care not only about the ecological impact but
also about sustainability regarding individuals and society. Food that has been
produced with respect for people and nature is increasingly preferred.


Rainforest Alliance

The Rainforest Alliance label is a quality label you can find on the packaging of
coffee, tea, hazelnuts, cocoa, palm oil, bananas and so on and it means that the
farmers worked with respect for people and the environment. This international label
for sustainable agriculture in the global South guarantees both good labor conditions
and a limited impact on the environment.

The Rainforest Alliance label is the
successor and replacer of the UTZ quality label. This label is managed and
controlled independently by Rainforest Alliance which complies with all standards
imposed by the Sustainable Agriculture Network (SAN). SAN promotes efficient and
productive agriculture, biodiversity conservation and a sustainable way of life through
environmental and social criteria.

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