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Normanists are passionate and efficient. Thanks to the team spirit and creativity displayed by Normanists, AMNorman has become a fast-growing and highly profitable company in a price-conscious market.

Normanists are also very engaged. We very much want to put our specialised knowledge and enthusiasm to work on projects where we can share our vision and our values while making the world a little bit more liveable.

Through actions.

That’s why every year AMNorman invests part of its reserve funds in projects or organisations that share our values and which need support in our profession in the form of specialist advice, guidance and training at giveaway rates. Here are just a few examples taken at random:

  • Children are our future. Their education and training are crucial. We have a great deal of respect for organisations that focus on training, education and care. Especially for vulnerable groups. We are very happy to support these types of organisations in establishing their self-audit systems. Or else we provide training to their staff in areas such as food safety and self-auditing.
  • We are concerned about the environmental aspects of our mobility and stand firmly behind initiatives that reduce the burden that our mobility places on the environment. We support these initiatives with our experience is legal aspects and by monitoring compliance.
  • We are convinced that the local processing and distribution of foodstuffs offers added value. Not just for arable farmers or local livestock farmers, but also for the social fabric associated with them. Local, small scale and short chains are promising and focused on the future. They also need to be up to speed with self-auditing, traceability and reporting obligations. That’s what we specialise in and we are happy to offer our support.
  • Start-up businesses are creative daredevils, but they are often faced with barriers they haven’t bargained for. They are the future of our economic fabric. We were once a start-up ourselves, so we are very well aware that the early years also bring unexpected problems with them. Which is why we like to help start-ups through the labyrinth of accreditation, registration, reporting and self-auditing.


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Are you interested in the professional guidance we can provide? And do you share our values about a more liveable world? If you do, then let us know what your organisation’s mission is and where we could provide added value for you.
We will then get together with you and – who knows? – we may select your project and give you the guidance of leading experts for a song!

In what area of AMNorman’s knowledge would you like to be helped?

General: Help and guidance towards achieving ISO 9001
General: Internal audits
General: ISO 14001
General: Specs, labels, claims, nutrition
Food sector: Calibration
Food sector: Child daycare centres (Q-kids)
Food sector: Federal Food Safety Agency requirements and self-audit
Food sector: Food allergens and allergen management
Food sector: Food defence, food fraud and business continuity
Food sector: Food packaging
Food sector: HACCP - Food
Food sector: Have A Safe Meal
Food sector: Nutritional value
Food sector: Q-IT
Animal feed: Animal feed labelling and claims
Animal feed: FCA, GMP+, QS
Animal feed: HACCP - Feed
Collaboration groups: LabelDoc